Young Frida Kahlo

Young Frida Kahlo in Positive Energy - a Young Series Bilingual Children's Book

Introducing Young Frida, the newest addition to the popular Young Series bilingual children’s books. Young Frida is a curious and creative young girl with a passion for science. One day, she sets out on a mission to find her favorite science book, but her search proves to be fruitless. Undeterred, Young Frida turns to her love of painting for inspiration and discovers the power of positive thinking.

Join Young Frida on her exciting journey as she uses the law of attraction and maintains a positive outlook to manifest a favorable outcome. Through her perseverance and determination, she shows young readers the importance of following their passions and never giving up.

Filled with vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, Young Frida is the perfect addition to any child’s library. Get your copy today and inspire your child to explore their own interests and embrace the power of positivity!

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